FiberZone's AFM Product Line

Automated Fiber Management

FiberZone's Automated Fiber Management (AFM) product utilizes advanced Robotics to form physical fiber optic connections in the Layer-1 fiber infrastructure.

FiberZone's Latched Optical Coupling (LOC™) technology delivers superb optical performance with its "direct-path" connectivity. The AFM is completely transparent to protocol, wavelength, fiber type, and fiber speed.

AFM transforms manual fiber patching into a fully automated and managed layer for remotely provisioning optical connections. The AFM is ideal for both Test Lab Automation and global Network Operations. Its Passive connectivity maintains a pure fiber signal, unaltered and faithfully rendered.

AFM Features

  • Passive Connectivity
  • Independent of Protocol and Fiber Speed
  • High-Density Non-blocking Switching
  • Superb Optical Performance
  • Carrier-Class Certification
  • Powerful Management Software with Graphical User Interface

Network Management System

Fiberzone Network Management Center for fiber optic networks

FiberZone's Network Management System (NMS) is a powerful tool for managing a global network of AFM devices. The NMS provides secure, multi-level access for a wide range of control capabilities. The NMS configures and activate connections, reports errors and alarms, and provides detailed logging and reporting of all fiber connection activities.

Its Graphical User Interface is intuitive and easy to use. All information is stored in a relational database which maintains automatic reconciliation and verification of the status of all AFMs throughout the network.