FiberZone's Automated Fiber Management (AFM)
FiberZone's AFM Fiber Management Platform automates the fiber infrastructure to reduce cost, allowing network operators the ability to launch new high-margin differentiated cloud services. This critical process of automation eliminates the cost of downtown associated with the manual operation of the fiber plant located within datacenters and networks.

Multitenant Datacenters & Colocations

FiberZone's AFM allows multitenant datacenter operators to significantly reduce operational expenditures and facilitate the migration to lights out operation of many of their facilities, in both new as well as existing facilities. In addition, FiberZone's AFM facilities the launch of new offerings, which allow large enterprises ease of migration to cloud services and management. Space utilization in cages, suites and meet-me-rooms is critical to multitenant datacenter operators. FiberZone's AFM facilitates the most efficient use of space, making it possible to best organize network assets.

Benefits to Multitenant Datacenters & Colocations

  • Provision fiber-based customers within minutes, enabling demand-based service offerings
  • Manage remote networks with minimal expense, whether labor and/or costly carrier hotel cross-connect fees
  • Restore network outages in minutes, avoid costly SLA penalties
  • Maintain accurate records of remote office connections, making it possible to best leverage network assets