FiberZone's Automated Fiber Management (AFM)
FiberZone's AFM Fiber Management Platform automates the fiber infrastructure to reduce cost, allowing network operators the ability to launch new high-margin differentiated cloud services. This critical process of automation eliminates the cost of downtown associated with the manual operation of the fiber plant located within datacenters and networks.

Test Automation

Fiberzone Test Automation

FiberZone's AFM solution allows sharing of high-cost equipment among multiple disparate development and testing groups. Different groups may perform interoperability, compatibility and disaster recovery testing while using FiberZone's AFM to remotely configure the test environment, and may share equipment resources on-demand or based on time-of-day scheduling, to reduce capital cost requirements.

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Multitenant Datacenters & Colocations

Fiberzone Multitenant Datacenters

Fiberzone is ideal for managing remote connectivity with Multitenant Datacenters and Colocations. Operators have the benefits of provisioning fiber-based customers within minutes, enabling demand-based service offerings.

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Automated Fiber Recovery

Fiberzone Fiber Recovery

FiberZone enables carriers to responsively manage their Fiber Access Network, regardless of the location. Automated Fiber Recovery guarantees high service availability, reducing downtime and revenue loss.

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Data Center Management

Fiberzone Data Center Management

Fiberzone is the only AFM in the market that enables the automated, lights-out operation of fiber-rich data centers with blended single-mode and multi-mode architectures. Through robust connection management, FiberZone helps customers conduct e-commerce, manage enterprise IT assets, and provide network-neutral interconnections between service providers while freeing up scarce human resources and enhancing reliability.

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Best in-Class Connection Performance and Reliability

Based on Fiberzone's patented LOC technology, the AFM has been proven to offer the industry's best connection quality via an actual latched connection. Superb insertion/return loss performance and wavelength independence make the AFM an ideal solution for remotely managing several loss-sensitive networks, such as PON and DWDM, within a single chassis. Fiberzone's AFM is also the only platform that can support both singlemode and multimode fiber networks.

Robust Remote Management

Fiberzone enables service providers to remotely manage their fiber network via a robust Element Management System. Accessed via an intuitive web-based GUI, the AFM can be used to provision new customers or resolve connection problems in seconds with a few simple mouse clicks.

Carrier Network Certification

Fiberzone's AFM has been focused on the stringent requirements of carrier-class networks since its inception. As a result, it maintains the highest level of industry certifications in the marketplace, including UL, FCC, NEBS and CE.

Real-time Asset Management

When transitioning from fiber-based network infrastructure to service delivery, the number of daily provisioning and maintenance requests will increase exponentially. Fiberzone enables service providers to maintain centralized, accurate records of this daily churn, making it possible to best leverage their deployed assets and proactively detect the need for expansion.