FiberZone's Automated Fiber Management (AFM)
FiberZone's AFM Fiber Management Platform automates the fiber infrastructure to reduce cost, allowing network operators the ability to launch new high-margin differentiated cloud services. This critical process of automation eliminates the cost of downtown associated with the manual operation of the fiber plant located within datacenters and networks.

Test Automation

FiberZone's AFM solution enables sharing of high-cost equipment and valuable lab space in a Test Automation environment. Testing can be done locally or remotely with different groups performing interoperability, compatibility and disaster recovery testing. Equipment resources can be shared both on-demand and based on time-of-day scheduling.

Fiberzone's advanced Robotics and Optical Latching technologies provide a direct, unaltered optical path. Unlike other products which convert and change the optical signal, with Fiberzone you can be assured the input and output signals are the same. We preserve all protocols, speeds, and timing. And with fiber speeds moving higher and higher, Fiberzone is the ideal solution, requiring no expensive upgrades and providing full data path transparency.

AFM Benefits for Test Automation

  • Suport for higher fiber speeds - including 16G, 40G and 100G - without needing costly blade or backplane upgrades
  • "Pure" Optical waveform - unaltered or changed in any way.
  • Support for any fiber type - single mode (SMF) or multimode (MMF)

With FiberZone's AFM Automation Testing capabilities, you can streamline testing cycles to increase productivity and shorten product release times - all done at lower cost.

Fiberzone Test Automation


Download the AFM360 Datasheet for Lab Automation >